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FOR THE LOVE OF... Cats & Dogs a DIY Collar


This is oursweet rescue taco terrier pup, Harrison Oakley Acorn. I think he looks quite distinguished in his gingham plaid collar.

Christmastime is upon us. Every year we include our sweet pets in our family Christmas photos. They are every bit a part of our family. Even during the hustle and bustle of a family life, it's easy to take a few minutes to show your pets some extra love without having to stop by a specialty pet store.

This year I wanted to show them some extra love with a cute custom collar to wear throughout the holiday season and give them some treats too. This super easy DIY Dog Craft for a cute dog collar takes literally minutes to make as and so does picking up some Purina dog and cat products to treat our sweet pets to some extra love.



DIY Dog Craft Collar


  • Measuring tape
  • Sharp scissors
  • Button down shirt with collar 

As I mentioned, this is a super quick and easy DIY dog craft. (or cat)

First, measure your cat or dog's neck making sure to leave a little give so the collar isn't too tight. To find the correct size shirt for your pet measure the inside of the shirt collar and match it as closely as possible to your pet's neck size. 

For my cats, I used a size 6-12-month-old sized shirt. For my small dog, I used a 2 T sized shirt. You could easily fit all sizes of dogs and cats with shirts ranging from preemie to XXL men's sizes. 

A new or gently used shirt works fine. To save a little I bought my shirt at a local thrift shop. 

Next, cut along the collars edge just below the rolled seam, trimming as close to the edge as possible.

That's it. Really there is nothing more to it.