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my blogging side…

For the past 12 years I have called blogging my job.  It's been the ride of my life and I love every minute of it.  The joy of my life is my family.  I have 3 kids and 2 cats, 1 pup, and 1 grandpup.  I love to travel and explore regions of this world with food being the focus of my travel and experiences a close second.  I'm a keto-ish foodie who loves to entertain, celebrate holidays and create new traditions. 

Some of my favorite moments...

Sitting in a large bath surrounded by candles under the stars at night in Sonoma.

Walking in knee deep snow across a field in Vermont under the full moon.

Sitting around a fire pit on a tiny island off the cost of Maine while sipping drinks.

Deep sea fishing on the Emerald Coast of Florida and being memorized by the clear deep emerald water.’/;

Floating in a hot spring in Southern Utah while looking up a canyon wall while the world melted awayAnd of course the birth of my 3 children! Both experiences crazy wild painful and exillerating beyond anything I could have imagined. (yes, I have twins ;)

My thoughts on life...

If you want something go after it.

If something isn't there then create it.

More people say yes than no so have no fear in asking. You'll be suprised what happens and where it will take you!

Small pleasures are a necessity not a luxury so treat yourself often!

When life gets tough lean in and lean in hard it will get you through even the hardest things life throws at you. Life can get rough and tough and messy and tilt-a-whirl crazy. Lean in and hold your ground.

Be good and do good.

Always have hope and if you’ve lost your hope go find it, NOW! 


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a few of the brands i’ve collaborated with…

I LOVE collaborating with brands.  If you would like to collaborate with me contact me at hello@aprilatwater.com Let's talk!